Imperial World Ventures Ltd is fully fledged and licensed to operate both locally and internationally. It was registered in the year 2015 as business and later incorporated into a limited company under the company act of Kenya laws cap 489.

We take vehicles for long-term lease from individuals and contract them to corporate organizations, government parastatals and insurance companies
You can get into a partnership with Imperial World Ventures today and earn a minimum amount of Ksh. 40,000.
The security of your vehicle is guaranteed since we thoroughly vet our clients who are exclusively corporate and not individuals. Our contracts run for a minimum of six months subject to renewal by the two Parties and only consider vehicles in good condition. 

Our Vision:

To be a Car Hire and Imports company of choice for all.

Our Mission:
We are committed to the provision of quality,cutting edge and customers focused Real estate consultancy services within and beyond the East African region.

Our Motto:
Where Others Give Up,We Take  The Challenge.

Our Core Value:

  • Demonstrating a commitment to safety by providing standard passed products
  • Showing mutual care for our business and our clients value for money
  • Integrity & Stewardship by embracing customer-is-always-right policy
  • Treating our partners with respect and protecting their respective brands
  • Being agile and proactive to adapt and be ahead of change
  • Being innovative and resilient as we embrace new ideas and products
  • Collaborating across boundaries